shed roof shelter
Survival Shelter

Imagine Shelters so durable they last for decades, will not rot, resist mold and mildew, have no seams to come apart, withstand earthquakes and hurricanes, and can become permanent.



IADDIC offers two basic models to choose from: a shed roof model (on the left) and a center pitch model (on the right).  

The shed roof model is constructed using either the IADDIC SBS4000 Shelter Building System or the Global Mobile Shelter Factory which are intended for heavy duty projects requiring many shelters to be built. Also, the shelters can be coupled together to make larger structures. 

The center pitch shelter is constructed using our SBS2000 Shelter Building System and are made in a cardboard box we call the EcoMold and come in kits of 5 for easy transport.

These Shelters outlast and outperform any shelter available and are constructed with IADDIC’s SIH structural core material.

These Shelter are intended to stay with the recipient from the onset of a disaster and last for generations.


Technical Details

shelter drawing

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 Standard Sizes

Although we list several standard sizes, our experience shows that sizes are as varied as customers.  We will be more than happy to quote other sizes upon request.

Center Pitch Shelter

10′ X 10′

Pitch Roof Shelter

10′ X 10′

10′ X 12′

12′ X 12′


Extending shelter life and serviceability

Although the shelter will provide service to the recipient for a decade or more, it is possible to extend this time through the application of exterior interior and exterior coatings.  The most common coatings applied include thin coats of cement, plaster, or stucco.


Transitional Shelter 


Finished Shelter

sheltershelter interior
Finished shelter:  Door, windows, stucco exteriorinterior of finished shelter – plaster walls