IADDIC designed shelter is the toughest, longest lasting, most insulated as well as lowest cost available. Our shelters, emergency shelter, and  disaster relief shelters are perfect transitional shelters going from temporary to permanent with minimal effort!  

We’re focused on shelter designs that are easy to construct, can be built in large quantities and are affordable. Each of our shelter products withstands the rigors of use and time.

Center Pitch Shelter

The IADDIC emergency shelter and survival shelters address many of the needs of both the recipient in need after a disaster and the group or organizations providing the shelters. The Survival Shelters are easy to construct, all one piece, highly insulated units that come in kits of 5. The Survival Shelters  and Emergency Shelters can be built in a matter of hours and then last indefinitely when coated with a thin layer of concrete or stucco.

Shed Roof Shelter

The  shelter house is the most capable and versatile housing shelter available.  This Shelter House transitions from a temporary shelter to home and remains with the recipient throughout the entire disaster relief and reconstruction cycle. Finally, a shelter house that can eliminate the use of  inadequate tents!

Tent Shelter

The Shelter Tent is the most robust instant tent on the market today.  This 4 season tent is unique in that it is highly insulated and lasts for many years.  Unlike conventional tents, these outdoor tents can withstand the rigors of use and time and are well suited for extreme climates.

Panel Shelter

Panel Emergency Shelter is pre-fabricated from highly insulated and durable wall and roof panels.  The Emergency Shelter offers the same high insulation value as all of our products and the convenience of quick and rugged connection tabs.  Variations of the panel emergency shelter offer styles that accept interior and exterior finishes making them perfect for transitional shelters and small house designs.

There are several types of shelter by IADDIC: the Survival Shelter, Emergency Shelter and Shelter House each deploy rapidly and are built on site utilizing local resources and produces the most secure, longest lasting and well insulated shelter available. The Tent Shelters are pre-manufactured and are 100% finished. They are vacuum packed to minimize shipping costs and spring open creating an instant tent with 4 season tent capabilities.  They are also highly insulated and are intended to last for many years. The Panel Emergency Shelter can be built on site or it can be pre-manufactured from insulated panels.



The IADDIC Shelters are configurable, expandable, and transition to permanent.

New Shelter

Shelter Features

Shelter changes everything!